MDPI webinar – Role of Nrf2 in Neurodegeneration: Novel Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Approaches

On October 16, the coordinator of the NRF24AD project, Manuela García López, will participate in a free webinar organized by the “Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute” (MDPI) about the role of Nrf2 in neurodegeneration. The webinar will be moderated by Dr. Isabel Lastres-Becker (Institute for Biomedical Research «Alberto Sols» CSIC-UAM), and will also feature the participation … Read more MDPI webinar – Role of Nrf2 in Neurodegeneration: Novel Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Approaches

Interview with Antonio Cuadrado

“New therapeutic strategies in neurodegenerative diseases”, interview with one of the main researchers of our project, Antonio Cuadrado. An initiative from the UAM Foundation to publicize the research carried out at this institution and its potential to be applied for the benefit of society. You can see the interview here.

Doctoral Thesis – Sheila Abril

We continue increasing the number of doctors in the NRF24AD project. This time it was Sheila Abril’s turn, who presented her doctoral thesis entitled Novel multitarget chiral α7-nAChRs ligands with neuroprotective properties for Alzheimer’s Disease treatment on October 31 at the UAM School of Medicine. Sheila’s work has been supervised by doctors Rafael León Martínez … Read more Doctoral Thesis – Sheila Abril

PhD Thesis Natalia Robledinos and Clara Herrera

On October 11, Natalia Robledinos (GT2 group) and Clara Herrera (GT3 group) defended their doctoral thesis entitled “Orchestration of the neural stem cell fate by NRF2 and TAZ” and “Melatonin- and resveratrol-based multitarget-directed agents for Alzheimer’s disease and photoswitchable muscular nicotinic receptor ligands” respectively. Thank you very much for your effort and the contributions you … Read more PhD Thesis Natalia Robledinos and Clara Herrera

V Scientific Meeting

After the summer holidays, we return to the Project with a consortium meeting to catch up on the latest results obtained in each work group and coordinate future activities. Thanks to the start-up of the Computational Microscopy Unit, we have been able to screen in silico more than 180 million compounds! In addition, molecular dynamics … Read more V Scientific Meeting

2019 Lilly Award for Early-Stage Researchers

On July 8, Clara Herrera received the Lilly Award for early-stage researchers from the Spanish Society of Therapeutic Chemistry (SEQT) as recognition to her work entitled New neurogenic inducers with combined activities in key targets related to Alzheimer’s disease. The ceremony took place during the XIX edition of the SEQT congress, in Vitoria-Gasteiz, and was … Read more 2019 Lilly Award for Early-Stage Researchers

Farmadrid 28

On June 26, the 28th edition of Farmadrid took place at La Princesa University Hospital. These annual meetings have been held since 1991, with the support of the Teófilo Hernando Foundation, with the aim of sharing the pharmacological research carried out at universities, hospitals, and pharmaceutical laboratories of the Community of Madrid. Several PhD students … Read more Farmadrid 28

EFMC-ACSMEDI MedChem Frontiers 2019 Congress

Sheila Abril, member of GT1, attended the EFMC-ACSMEDI MedChem Frontiers 2019 congress held in Krakow (Poland), on June 10-13. The American Chemical Society and the European Federation of Medical Chemistry organize this bi-annual event that brings together 300 participants from the Drug R&D academic and industrial sectors (medical chemists, bioinformatics, biologists, pharmacologists, toxicologists, etc.). Sheila … Read more EFMC-ACSMEDI MedChem Frontiers 2019 Congress

New type of dementia identified

A team of researchers from different universities and research centers form the United States, Japan, Australia, Sweden,  United Kingdom and Austria led by Dr. Peter T. Nelson has identified a new dementia traditionally diagnosed as Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). This new proteinopathy has been called LATE (limbic-predominant age-related TDP-43 encephalopathy), and about a quarter of people … Read more New type of dementia identified